Top 5 Instagram Features And Updates In 2022

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In 2022, it is exciting to see how Instagram is growing rapidly with new features and functionalities. According to stats, Instagram has reached 2 billion active users worldwide. And now, finding what’s new on Instagram is quite challenging because Instagram introduces many new features almost every week. Remember, Instagram is constantly adding and removing features, so make sure to keep your account up to date. In this post, we’ll share the most recent Instagram updates and features to keep you up to date to improve your Instagram presence. 

#1: Instagram Grid Pinning

Instagram’s most recent updates allow you to pin your posts to the top of your Instagram grid. You can select up to three posts or reels to pin to the top of your Instagram profile. Your older post can still shine with this creative feature, offering a game-changing opportunity for businesses, creators, and influencers to increase their brand visibility. Your pinned post or reels on Instagram fill out the top row from right to left. 

#2. Instagram Reels Templates

Instagram has recently updated reels with new features that allow users to recreate videos more efficiently and make them more entertaining. For better and well synced reels, Instagram has launched Reels Templates. Utilizing the template lets users add audio clips for their videos or photos. It therefore lands on the place giving a solution for the users looking for where to buy real views for Instagram reels to enhance their audience reach. 

To access this feature, you should follow these steps

Step 1: Go to reels by clicking on the camera icon and browse through the template

Step 2: Now select the one you like

Here the new reels feature will automatically adjust the selected audio and edit the length of the video to suit the template. The best thing about this effective feature is that Instagram will consider your reel as a template when you create more than three clips. 

#3. Instagram Map Search

Another exciting Instagram update is the map search. This engaging feature is similar to Google maps and lets users find locations of different brands and businesses within the Instagram app. The map search feature is located in Instagram’s regular browser that you can use to search for hashtags, other users, etc.

It is quickly becoming one of the best tools to explore if you are in a previously unknown area. With this, users can see more information, like the price of the products or services and locations. Additionally, a public post marked with a business location helps users to find your location using the map.

#4. Instagram Professional Dashboard

By 2021 Instagram will have introduced a Professional Dashboard for better analytics. This feature is only accessible for creator and business accounts, serving as a main in-app dashboard to track your account performance. Here are some of the main tools and resources.

  • Instagram Insights
  • Promotions
  • Branded content approvals
  • Saved replies
  • Instagram shopping
  • Overall account performance

A professional dashboard is a perfect tool for having a quick overview of your Instagram statistics. But if you want deeper analytics, you need to go for Instagram insights. 

#5: Updated Instagram Insights

Instagram recently updated its analytics tool to give businesses and creators better insights into their account performance. The first change is that you can see data from 90 days instead of 60. Additionally, you can measure your live video performance. Instagram insights currently give visibility of statistics for your: 

Account engaged:

It allows you to measure your account engagement and split different content types.

Account Reached:

Overview of your profile metrics divided by age, gender, content type, followers Vs non-followers, etc.

Total Followers:

It allows you to measure your follower’s dynamics with metrics into their demographics.

The content you shared:

More information about your content and audience interaction is divided by interaction and content type. 

Tracking your metrics is essential to building successful social media marketing on any platform. 

 Wrap Up

Instagram is growing fast, and its user experience is improving each day. Just take one hour and focus on incorporating the new feature into your Instagram marketing strategy to expand your reach and engagement. Stay up to date to boost your brand awareness and generate more sales for your business.