TikTok Story Selection Feature To Increase Your Discoverability

Are you interested in learning about a brand new TikTok feature that will significantly increase audience engagement for your company’s ads? Reading up on the latest updates to TikTok will keep you one step ahead of the competition. If you make good use of TikTok’s newest features, the company will reward you with increased visibility and a larger audience, which in turn will help you engage prospects more effectively. TikTok users can now make livelier videos and increase their overall creative output as a result. What does this iteration of TikTok have in store for you? 

How does one use TikTok’s Story Picker?

Creators and influencers can upload interactive stories with two possible outcomes using the TikTok story selection feature (similar to an interactive storyline within a game). The story’s audience will be given a choice between two narrative paths. The story continues with one of two possible outcomes depending on which “clickable characters or moments” the user chooses to interact with. According to TikTok, one of the benefits of this feature is that it gives your viewers a voice in the narrative and gives them agency. Giving the audience a say in the direction the story takes gives them more control over the experience.

How TikTok’s Story Picker Functions

Brands and TikTok creators can connect with customers, prospects, and fans in more personalised and tailored ways by using the TikTok selection feature, which functions similarly to an online ad.

Who can use the TikTok Story Picker?

TikTok confirmed in a statement to the House of Marketers that the function is undergoing testing and piloting at this time. Consequently, access is restricted to a small number of people who have been added to an exclusive permissions list. According to the statement, as of August 1st, the feature can be requested by any TikTok user.
How do I know if my ad format is compatible with TikTok’s new Story Selection Feature?

The new function helps ad formats expand their audience and appear more frequently. That means:

  • Advertisers and content producers can schedule this ahead of time with this format.
  • The ad structure enables producers and advertisers to foresee the results of their campaigns before they go live.
  • Brands and TikTok content creators can use it to zero in on specific audiences and locations (the demographic)
  • Advertisements provide authors with information about their post’s audience and engagement.
  • When can we expect to see TikTok’s Story Choosing Function?
  • As mentioned before, this functionality is still in testing and thus only accessible to a limited audience. In contrast, it will be made available within five business days after being requested as of August 1.

Can you tell me what the new TikTok Story Selection Feature’s set mode is?

The configuration process will take place offline and manually. In other words, you can build campaigns in your spare time away from the internet and then bring them live when you get back.

The New TikTok Story Selection Feature and the History of TikTok Videos
The new feature’s release is a response to the popularity of the TikTok story feature, which has been credited with increasing the number of interactions on the app. TikTok’s story feature was first released for beta testing in the summer of 2021, with a full release occurring in March of this year.

Stories on TikTok, much like those on other social media platforms, are time-limited and disappear from a user’s feed after 24 hours. Clicking on a user’s profile picture will take you to their collection of TikTok videos. A blue light will surround the author’s profile picture whenever they have a story available.

Brands can benefit greatly from the TikTok Story Feature’s Selection Capability (Engagement Benefits)

Understand the tastes and perspectives of your target market

Your direct TikTok audience, or the audience of the influencers you’re working with, can be better understood by allowing them to participate in the creation of the story’s conclusion, much like a survey.

Using this new function, you can share your story from various points of view

Every business hopes that its brand story will be the one that gets the most views, gets the most shares, and generates the most leads. Brands will be able to retell their stories in more ways thanks to the new alpha feature, which will make them more accessible to a wider audience.

The TikTok Story Selection Feature is a fantastic way to draw attention to important moments or upcoming occasions.
The story section allows brands to bring up urgent matters, unlike in TikTok’s main feeds.

As a result of the TikTok Feature, communication between the brand and the customer is boosted

Prospects are more likely to engage with brands if they feel a personal connection to them, according to the literature. As a result, the new function enables brands to connect with potential customers on a more personal level by letting them choose how a given story unfolds and ends.

TikTok’s new Story Selection Feature will improve the way in which brands communicate with their target demographics.

In comparison to traditional social media posts, where brands rely on likes, comments, and feedback to measure post engagements, the new TikTok Story Selection Feature brings on board more interactivity. The company claims that the update “goes beyond just promoting information or selling a product” on the platform.


Creators and marketers on TikTok will have new opportunities to reimagine their stories in previously untested contexts. Users will now have the ability to determine the course of events and the conclusion to their own TikTok stories. If TikTok can make its story feature more interesting and imaginative, it will have a greater impact on its users. This article explains the functionality of the component and why it represents a significant step forward for manufacturers and retailers alike. We here in the House of Marketers can’t wait for this function to be fully implemented. We believe this will give tiktok advertising new life and help it reach new heights.