The Instagram Guide to Financial Independence in Hard Times

Since the epidemic began, I’m sure you’ve given in to the pressure and become dependent on social media, if you weren’t already. As a result of the lockdown, more individuals are turning to online activities than in any year prior.

More and more firms had to close their doors and put people out of work because of socially distant norms. As a result, more and more people have begun exploring opportunities in the online space.

People were beginning to realise that they could turn their interests into income via Social Media sites like Instagram before the epidemic. A growing number of individuals saw the lockout as a chance to pursue their passions while still making a living.

People’s first choices often involved starting their own internet enterprises, seeking out amusement, or becoming content providers.

However, why am I revealing this information to you? Reason being: making money during a downturn doesn’t require any different strategies. Check out these strategies, and take a cue from Instagram’s other users!

Collaborate with brands

Working with companies that need a marketing boost might be a great method for influencers to make money on Instagram. An early form of collaboration was a barter system in which an influencer promoted a business in exchange for free swag. As the number of an influencer’s followers grew, they found a way to make money off of it by forming sponsored partnerships. Lots of other people started doing the same thing, and now a lot of people make money through Instagram marketing partnerships.


If the company you’re promoting for has an affiliate programme, you may sign up to be an affiliate as well.

The specifics of these programmes vary from company to company, but generally speaking, you’ll be given a special code to disseminate to your target demographic. Customers save money when they use your coupon, and you receive a cut of the sale, too.

As a result, this provides influencers with essentially two sources of revenue. You may promote a brand’s items in exchange for financial compensation and spread your affiliate link.


The most straightforward approach to monetize your Instagram account as a company, regardless of whether or not you have influencer status, is to promote your wares or services there. Crowdfire is a great way to promote your Etsy or Shopify store’s products to a wider audience. With Crowdfire, you can import information from your store and have Instagram posts generated automatically based on your product listings.

If you have a personal website, you may include a link to it in your bio.

Shop on Instagram

The Instagram store is another option for monetizing your account. If you’re allowed to do so, using Instagram store is a lot more efficient than having customers direct message you or being sent to your website. To qualify, you must: – Live in a country where Instagram has a retail presence
Possess an Instagram account for business purposes and link it to your Facebook company page. Sell a tangible item, like shoes, candles, etc., rather than a service, like a class.
Abiding by Instagram’s terms of service for merchants and its commercial guidelines
Have an existing online storefront.


When you need to boost sales for your company, offers and discounts are a great tool to have at your disposal. If you consistently update your page or website with information regarding deals and promotions, you will attract more visitors and ultimately make more purchases.
Instagram users are often receptive to sales that coincide with seasonal or holiday events.

True-time identifier badge

This is for Instagrammers who are heavy users of the Live feature. When you broadcast live on Instagram, you may promote it with a special badge. By clicking this button, your readers and subscribers may show their support by purchasing a badge of their own. Prices for the badges range from $0.99 to $1.99 to $4.99. Badges are a great way to track your achievements and keep yourself motivated.

Don’t forget to acknowledge and appreciate your audience.

Placement of Ads

Advertisements may be a good source of revenue for those who maintain popular websites or blogs. You may promote your website or blog and the businesses who advertise on it by posting links to them on your Instagram account.


The newest Instagram feature has recently begun rolling out to users in a limited number of countries. With this option, content producers may get paid by their audience members for the work they put out.

In the settings menu, pick set up subscription. After reading and accepting the conditions, choose the length of your membership. Voila! Now you only have to start making posts for your subscribers.

I’m well aware that some of you will find one of these strategies for monetizing an Instagram account really simple to use right now. However, there are certain things to bear in mind if you want to improve your Instagram account initially.

Boost its worth

It’s important to provide useful information to your readers. You should only publish content if you know for certain that your target audience will enjoy it. If you don’t know what your audience values, you may find out by conducting surveys or polls on your content.