Repurpose Content On Social Media To Boost Your Brand

Content repurposing could be the answer to your prayers if you’re having trouble coming up with enough fresh material to keep your readers happy.

Too many of us are so preoccupied with coming up with new material to publish that we neglect to take stock of the excellent work we’ve already done.

When it comes to content marketing strategies, repurposing content is a must.

If you’ve been writing for any length of time, you know that one story can tell dozens more, yielding massive returns for relatively little work.

In this article, we’ll go over seven methods for repurposing written material to cut down on content creation time, increase efficiency, and attract new readers.

What is content repurposing and why is it useful?

When content is repurposed, it is used in a different setting than it was originally intended for. In other words, when you repurpose content, you give it a second chance at success. Though it may appear easy at first, in practise this can prove challenging. To simplify things, keep repurposing in mind as you create content so it can be easily segmented into various forms down the road.

There are many upsides to reusing content. Repurposing content not only saves you a tonne of time because you can reuse what has already been created, but it also lets you reach a new audience. You can reach people who would have never seen your ebook otherwise if you repurpose it as a podcast, for example.

Deciding on Repurposed Content

There are three criteria to evaluate in order to determine if content can be reused:

Articles that will always be relevant
Content that remains useful to its audience no matter how much time passes is called “evergreen” and is therefore a prime candidate for repurposing.

Listed below are some examples of evergreen content that could be recycled:

  • Studies of Actual Events
  • Tutorials, books, and online guides
  • Investigations that go to great lengths
  • Publish your tweets on Instagram

Are you surprised to learn that your tweets can be shared on multiple networks?

And it’s true that more and more people, especially social media influencers, are taking content from tweets and repurposing it as Instagram posts or Stories.
Repurposing your tweets on Instagram is a great way to add more context to the message you’re communicating, engage with your audience, and grow your following, whether the tweets come from you, your customers, or accounts you’ve liked for covering events (who may not use Twitter).

In order to reuse your tweets on Instagram, however, you’ll need to clean up the image and make it relevant to Instagram’s aesthetic. These days, a low-resolution screenshot won’t cut it.

Post on the Blog

Finding an old blog post or even an eBook with expandable content is a great way to get started with your podcast.

People are increasingly opting to listen to their content rather than read it because it is simpler to process. And because podcasts are freely distributed on services like Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Overcast, listeners can enjoy them wherever they go.

Podcasts have already won over many professionals because they are not only convenient but also contain genuine information. Expanding on the information you’re offering and providing more up-to-date facts is easy with audio content, especially a podcast episode.

Rework your best writing into quotations

When used properly, quotes can be an excellent tool for connecting with your social media followers.

Avoid being overly promotional whenever possible when using social media.

There is a risk that excessive self-promotion will backfire and reduce engagement and traffic. The content you create should be a mix of promotional and entertaining.

People these days value content that not only informs, but also uplifts, encourages, and makes them laugh. Posts like quotes could be a useful addition to your strategy.

Make a meme

We can’t escape the prevalence of memes. Memes are the best way to get people talking about your content in a lighthearted way and boost your share count.

But what exactly do they do to aid in content repurposing?

That’s simple enough. Let’s pretend you wrote a blog post but no one is reading it. Memes are a great way to reintroduce some crucial information to your followers in a fresh and entertaining way, which will help spread the word and raise its profile.

Convert praise into content for your online profiles

Everybody knows that people are more likely to take into account the opinions of people who have actually used a product. If you have satisfied customers who have provided positive feedback about your product, you should definitely incorporate this material into your social media marketing strategy.

Customers will feel more at ease making a purchase after reading social media posts featuring testimonials from people who reflect their demographic. Another perk is that testimonials can help strengthen community ties by demonstrating to members that your business values their feedback.


The marketing department can save a lot of time by reusing old content.

As we’ve seen, it helps with search engine optimization (SEO), audience reach, and can help you bridge content gaps. Don’t be afraid to sift through your data, identify your most successful content, and repurpose it into something new while still maintaining its value.