11 Powerful Link Building Strategies To Boost Organic Traffic For Your Website

effective SEO link building services

Are you looking for the best strategy to boost your website visibility with organic traffic? Link-building becomes the most powerful tool to gain organic traffic with challenging SEO techniques. Following the perfect link-building strategy improves your ranking on the search results with higher discoverability of your brand among target audiences. 

But how to identify the accurate link-building technique?

There are some challenging SEO strategies to win the competition and rank higher on the Google search results. The goal of building links for your website is to boost your website credibility and increase your ranking on SERP. Remember, building quality links is not an easy one. It requires the proper white-hat SEO tactics for creating the foundation for your website growth with a higher user experience.

Before entering into the link-building techniques, let us know the basics of link-building.

What Is Link-Building?

Link-building is a success key to your website that provides a foundation to increase your organic traffic, your visibility, and ranking on the search results. What refers to link-building? It is the right practice of building backlinks from a quality site to reach the goal of increasing your visibility. The links you get should be from a reputed source only then Google prefers your site on search results.

Why Are Backlinks Much Important?

Backlinks remind the backbone of your website success since the search engine considers the link from other sources as the vote of confidence. During crawling a site, Google analyzes the quantity and quality of the source as the first preference, then considers your site content.

The recent algorithm update reveals that the quality of the backlink is more important than the quantity. 

What does a quality link refer to? And, how to grab them for your site? No worries! We are going to see those important link-building tactics to skyrocket your website performance.

11 Leading Link-Building Tips

To drive great results in your website with higher traffic, the following 11 leading and powerful link-building strategies help to boost your search results.

Are you ready? Come on! We can move on to the boosting tips:

1.  Reach-Out For Quality Links

In simple words, link-building refers to gaining hyperlinks from other websites to yours. However, any website owner can create plenty of backlinks from different sites. But building a quality link is essential to increase your website growth. How to gain those quality links?

First, choose the right keyword relevant to your business and insert the keywords naturally on your website content. If your site has highly relevant content with the right keywords, other website owners will probably wish to have your link on their website. Also, perform simple research within your niche and use those keywords to link with potential partners. 

2. Gain Links Through Infographics

Infographics become one of the popular methods to increase your website traffic by getting valuable links from other sites. Getting backlinks through Infographics remains great because it is easy to share and understand the content concept. Everyone on the internet loves visual content, right? Yes, this makes the demand for using infographics to gain links. 

Now it is time to choose your infographics! Select visual content that is unique to create an interesting story for your target audiences. Know the current trending topics and what your audiences are showing interest in. After knowing those statistical data, create your infographic. Once your content is ready, find the website owners who are ready to make your content visual. 

If your content is live, you can share your live link on other sites to increase your traffic from infographics. 

3. Use The Advantage Of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the most effective link-building strategy to reach your target audiences. Win the attention of your audiences by exploring your informative content on popular websites. Posting your content on other reputed sites not only builds quality backlinks but increases your online reputation among your audiences.

Build a good relationship with guest blogging which is the effective SEO link building services to increase your site’s credibility. Concentrate on selecting the guest posting sites to gain a quality backlink with a perfect anchor. Use Google search and social media channels to find the right sites to become a valuable contributor.

4. Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

If your goal is to drive organic traffic, knowing your competitor’s performance is necessary to earn the competitive techniques to win those websites. Use the free analysis tool and find the link-building techniques used by your competitors for implementing in your content. 

Here are some tips to track the performance of your competitors:

  • Choose your competitors relevant to your niche and set an alert while posting new content on their sites.
  • Notice the competitor’s performance by following them on social media and subscribing to their newsletters.
  • A smart way to monitor your competitor is to use the keyword “site:competitorsitename.com” and set a Google alert.

It helps to find their best backlinks that help to promote your website. If you find their backlinks on new reputed sites, you can also approach them with great content and gain that quality link.

5. Add Internal Links

Building internal links in your blog is the key factor to running your article into success. The internal link on your website passes link juice to your website. A good anchor for your internal links helps to navigate more users within your website and increase your overall user experience.

Though there are many tools to create internal links automatically, building manual internal links remains the best for increasing your SEO efforts. A website with an informative internal link reduces the bounce rate and raises your website performance.

6. Promote Your Content

Great content alone will not increase your website reputation. One needs to know the ways to promote their content. Get out of the world to explore your best articles to your target audiences. Contact the bloggers related to your niche to run weekly or monthly roundups. Never forget to monitor your content and gain performance data using the analytics tool.

For instance, use Google search to find the roundup sites. Then contact those webmasters by providing a short and crispy intro of your website. Along with your website information, send a link to one of your best guides or articles. If they find your content informative, the bloggers will link back to your site in their next roundup. Since those bloggers look for valuable content regularly, they will require your content.

Note: Never approach them directly by simply asking for a link which may spoil the good relationship.

7. Add Link On Social Media Platforms

Are you an engaging social media player? If so, it is a great advantage to boost your website visibility among your potential followers. All social media platforms provide an advantage to include your website link on your profile. So, ensure whether you have provided links on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms. Generally, Google names the links as dofollow and nofollow. On social media, all links are nofollow to reduce your spam score.

Though Nofollow links do not affect your site rank, it probably drives higher traffic with more engagement rate. Providing links on profile pages and descriptions of social media sites holds more value and are quite powerful to drive your target audiences. Increase content sharing by maintaining a good relationship with your followers and keep on encouraging them.

8. Repurpose Your Content

Show your regular presence on your website by posting content regularly. If you couldn’t find the content to post, repurpose highly performing existing content. Take existing content on your website and provide the same information in a different way to create higher engagement. The repurposing content strategy saves time and drives organic traffic to your website.

For instance, if you have well-performing infographic content on your website, you can use the same information and display it to audiences in an alternative format (that may be text content or a video). To gain audience attention, all you need to do is, analyze your successful content and create the same information in a different format where you will get an additional, quality link.

This link-building strategy not only reduces your effort but builds a quality link that drives huge traffic. 

9. Replace Broken Links

Do you find a 404 error page? Replace it immediately with the broken link-building strategy. Fixing the broken links in your website is the most effective one to gain the non-working links and make them run up again. The broken link-building technique involves recommending other websites to replace the broken links. But how to know the broken links? Approach a webmaster to gain the reports of broken links in your website. 

Use the method of building broken links by finding the websites relevant to your niche having a resource page. Google search helps to find those sites by using the following search queries.

  • Your target keyword + links
  • Keyword + resources
  • Your keyword inurl: links

For instance, if you have a digital marketing site, search for “digital marketing + links”. You will get a set of digital marketing sites where you can choose them according to the availability of the resource page. Another way to find the broken links is to use the Moz, Ahrefs, SEMrush tools.

After finding the source, approach them by providing a clear location of your broken links with your website intro. 

10. Write Guest Post To Niche Sites

In SEO, a backlink to your site is like adding credibility to your content and website. There are tons of guest posting sites to make your content live by gaining a backlink. Not all those sites build authority to your website. A backlink from a site relevant to your industry has more power to increase the visibility on search results and drive organic traffic. Grab the website credit by drawing your target audiences towards your site with the backlink from highly-relevant sources. 

How to find the right resource to post your article? Here are the best ways to get a chance of high website visibility.

  • Search and find the sites that are open to accepting guest posts. The search query to identify those websites is:

  1. Your industry + “contribute”
  2. Your industry + “guest post”
  3. Your industry + “write for us”

  • Analyze the existing content of these sites and check whether their sites suit your business.
  • If it suits, choose a unique and exclaiming topic that fits their existing content format or brand.
  • Contact them through the mail with a brief pitch of your website and your writing skill.

If you receive mail, create informative and attractive content useful for their audiences and grab new audiences to your website with a backlink.

11. Claim Unlinked Mentions

Every brand or business shows excitement if they see their mentions on popular blog sites. Sometimes, you get a brand mention without linking your site which is known as unlinked brand mentions. No worries! You can reach the particular site to include your website link.

Getting backlinks for your site mentions is slightly easy since they already know about your business. When you convert those mentions into a backlink, it becomes the most effective link-building strategy. Before approaching the resource, create a unique and attractive email template to send to those site owners. After an attractive template, reach out to their editorial team and ask them to hyperlink your URL to your brand. If you get the backlink, it remains the most precious one where it drives huge organic traffic.

Final Thought

Backlinks are the most important SEO strategy for your website to gain success in your website growth. Search engines reward your site and rank higher on search results with the help of the backlink quality. Track the performance of your backlinks with free analytical tools and make improvements to skyrocket your site.

When your website has dozens of high-quality backlinks with various link-building techniques, it drives plenty of organic traffic, thus boosting your SEO efforts. With the listed link-building strategies, you can take your website to the next level by winning the competitions. Create and share original content on trustworthy sites to improve your search ranking faster, reaching more audiences organically.