Link Building Mistakes To Avoid In 2023

Without employing valuable advanced link building strategies, link development can have a significant negative impact on your website’s search engine rankings.

Because they don’t know the same pitfalls they’re all sharing, businesses spend more time and resources on the same link-building methods.

We’ll go over the common blunders and how to prevent them in order to fix the problems at hand.

What Should You Not Do When Building Backlinks?

Some common blunders are listed here.

Poor-quality websites as link sources

Building links from low-quality websites is a common link building blunder.

You need to learn the proper approach to gain links.

Links from low-quality sites might hurt your search engine rankings because Google and other search engines employ algorithms to gauge a site’s quality.

Overusing Anchor Text Packed with Keywords

Overusing keyword-rich anchor text is another frequent blunder.

It’s important to study methods of organic link building and employ appropriate anchor text.

Anchor text is the clickable text within a hyperlink, and it is crucial for search engine optimisation since it provides context for the topic of the connected website.

Let’s pretend you’re trying to boost your pet supplies website by using the anchor text “best dog food” in every outbound link. If Google thinks you’re trying to game the system, your site’s ranking could drop.

The solution is to learn the fundamentals of high-quality link building and to employ various anchor texts, such as those containing brand names and relevant keywords.

Rather than trying to artificially influence search results, focus on producing high-quality, valuable information.

Creating a Lot of Links All at Once

Another typical pitfall that might hurt your website’s rating is hastily building too many links.

If you establish too many links too rapidly, search engines may view it as spammy and penalise your site as a result.

Understanding how to organically acquire quality backlinks is essential.

Let’s say you’re running a fashion blog and you manage to get 100 links in a week.

Google may downgrade your site’s rating if they determine that you’ve engaged in an unnatural pattern of link building because they consider this to be spammy.

The answer is to construct inbound links gradually, with special attention paid to the production of link-worthy content.

Link building automation products and services are frowned upon by search engines and should be avoided.

Failing to take use of internal linking

Internal linking, or linking to other pages on the same website, is one of the most significant benefits of link building.

Search engine optimisation relies on internal linking to help crawlers learn your site’s hierarchy and page relationships.

Let’s say you manage a travel website and you’ve written a blog post about the top Hawaii beaches.

Search engines can miss the point of your blog article if you don’t connect it to related content elsewhere on your site.

To solve this problem, you should familiarise yourself with is link building still relevant in order to maximise internal linking and lead search engines effectively throughout your site.

Make sure the connections inside your site make sense and are pertinent to the material already present.

Acquiring Backlinks From Non-Relevant Sources

Another typical mistake that might hurt your website’s ranking is acquiring links from unrelated websites.

It is important to know if link building still works with the existing website links you have from other websites, or if you need to maintain a check on them, because Google and other search engines use algorithms to establish a website’s relevance.

Take the case of a technology blogger who gains inbound links from a clothing retailer as an illustration.

Google may penalise your blog’s ranking for linking to a clothing website that has nothing to do with the subject matter of your blog.

As a solution, you should prioritise gaining backlinks from authoritative websites in the same field or topic as your own.

Your website’s position can be improved and targeted traffic can be increased with the help of economical link building packages.

Use a tool like Ahrefs or Moz, or just type in some keywords and look at the top results to locate websites that fit your needs.

Not Having a Diverse Link Profile

Link diversity refers to the practise of constructing inbound links from a wide range of resources, such as a selection of authoritative domains, unique content, and varied anchor text.

Your website’s rating could take a hit if your link building strategy appears unnatural due to a lack of diversity in your link profile.

Let’s say you’re the owner of a food-related website that gets all of its links from recipe databases.

Because of this, Google may penalise your site’s rating and consider your link-building technique to be spammy.

To fix this problem, you should gather inbound links from various online resources, such as social media, directories, blogs, and news websites.


Find a successful SEO Link Building Company to ensure these blunders are avoided.

While link building is a crucial component of search engine optimization, there are a few pitfalls you should try to avoid at all costs.

A strong and natural link profile will improve your website’s ranking and drive targeted traffic by focusing on building links from high-quality and relevant websites, using a variety of anchor text and link sources, and avoiding black-hat tactics like buying links.