Tips For Creating Compelling Instagram Stories [+Reach More People]

Approximately one-third of the most popular Instagram Stories are posted by companies. Potential customers are interested in reading companies’ “Stories,” but as you’re undoubtedly aware, those posts disappear after 24 hours.

How to Get Your Instagram Followers’ Attention in 12 Different Ways

Advertise your wares.

Instagram features allow you to feature your top-selling items for maximum exposure. Create an icon that represents your merchandise and give it that moniker. Reviews, pictures, features, advantages, and more can all be displayed for individual goods in this spotlight.

“Brainstorm your highlights into the topics most relevant to what your audience is looking for to give an overview of what your social brand offers,” advises HubSpot’s marketing manager Jenni Kim. “The highlights act as a compilation or mini archive for your past stories, so it’s a perfect way to showcase your past content in a way that’s useful to your target market as they become familiar with your company.”

This is an excellent method of interacting with your Instagram fans and boosting sales.

Improve the site with new entries.

Post interesting, shareable material that will keep your fans coming back to your highlights to interact with you.

For instance, you can save the most current and relevant material by linking to blog posts. This will help your readers find your best blog entries quickly and easily, regardless of whether they saw the promotion on social media or not.

Present chats with notable people.

Highlight interviews with workers, executives, or satisfied customers are another fantastic way to connect with your target audience. You can also record and save conversations that you conduct for blog posts that feature interviews. This will give your series exposure and help you impart useful knowledge to viewers.

The substance of interviews is usually very fascinating and instructive, making them very engaging. It’s illuminating to see how other people operate behind the scenes.

Publish some behind-the-scenes video.

When it comes to material for highlights, BTS film is among the most popular choices. Whether you’re an independent business or a large corporation, letting your clients peek behind the scenes is always a lot of fun. You can display raw video from a photoshoot or the manufacturing process of a product.

This kind of video content is interesting to watch and can strengthen customer loyalty to your company. If you save this content to highlights, you can keep your viewers engaged and returning back for more for a longer period of time.

Add happenings.

Instagram highlights are a fantastic place to keep important information about upcoming events for easy access by customers and fans.

If people are checking out your biography, they’ll see that you’re holding an event, which will help spread the word to people who might be interested but may not have heard about it otherwise.

Download files.

Including connections to your social media pages is a surefire method to increase the number of people who buy from your social media pages. You can emphasise these frequently requested URLs if you are an influencer or business. Customers can quickly discover what they need from your store and buy it with this feature.

Exhibit your cultural wares.

You can use Instagram’s highlights to share thrilling, entertaining video content that exemplifies your company’s culture. Maybe you have someone on your culture team record inspiring meetings or other activities.

The HubSpot Life Instagram account features an invasion series that you could emulate. With this feature, we keep the audience interested every day with a new staff coup. You can save this worker’s Stories from that day to use as examples of your business culture whenever potential new hires are interested in learning more about what it’s like to work for you.

Address frequently asked questions.

Users often turn to social media for answers to their inquiries. A frequently asked questions (FAQ) section in which you address the most frequently asked questions is a wonderful way to get those clients interested.

Include comments from satisfied customers.

As a matter of fact, it is one of the most important factors when making a purchase. This is why highlighting “Reviews and Testimonials” on social media is a great way to attract customers who are investigating your product.

Dole out advice.

One of the best methods to add value on social media is to educate your followers. Keep your Instagram followers informed and involved by saving helpful hints in a highlight

Promote price cuts and promotions.

How do you let people know about the deals that are currently being offered? Instagram highlights can be used for this purpose. A buyer can bookmark this feature with all of this information so they know they can always refer to it before making a purchase. Once again, this encourages viewers to revisit your page and interact with your posts.

Please provide examples.

Case studies and examples of how your product was put to use could be useful sales tools. Online visitors who are considering making a purchase will be enticed to select that alert to see how others are utilising your product or service.

Using Instagram’s Story Highlights, you can make sure that your audience can quickly access the most relevant parts of your social media profiles. One of Instagram’s most well-liked functions, “Stories,” can now be strategically integrated into your overall social media plan.