How Instagram Can Help Online Stores

Last week, I was aimlessly scrolling around Instagram when I came across a captivating post from one of my go-to businesses. It highlighted an intriguing new product, and I instantly began rationalising why I wanted multiples of it: my neighbour would like it, my friend would appreciate it much as a present, and of course I needed one or more for myself.

The speed with which we got from zero to a ready-to-buy scenario is shameful. Tap the image, click the product, and I was on my way to making a purchase. Only…I couldn’t buy it just from the picture. There was no description, no writing, and not even a “Shop Now” button.

I still haven’t made a purchase of the item. I suppose I could have looked it up on the internet, but I haven’t bothered since, well, I’m lazy. My argument is that many other customers aren’t aware of the importance of seizing the moment, and that if you miss it, the transaction can be lost forever.

Customers are likely to feel the same way I did if an ecommerce business on Instagram does not make it simple to shop the items featured in their posts.

Fortunately, it is still possible to right this ship.

After all, there are more than 500 million individuals that connect with Instagram on a daily basis, so here are a few Instagram shopping suggestions for eCommerce firms that want to leverage this extremely engaging medium to sell items and keep their customers satisfied.

Add a Buy button to your posts

Making it feasible (and simple) for Instagram users to make purchases from your posts or Stories is step one. Tag the items in your photos or use stickers on your Stories to do this.

You may link your Instagram account to your Shopify or BigCommerce store. This allows viewers to directly purchase the item depicted in the image.

Put in Multiple Product Tags

Including several product tags in your content is a great way to upsell your items to readers. If you’re going to identify a sofa in your article, you might also want to tag the throw pillows, blanket, and floor mat that go with it.

Invest in High-Quality Photographs and Films

Important Instagram purchasing advice for online retailers: only post your finest content. You won’t acquire any clicks if your graphic elements aren’t interesting enough to make people stop scrolling.

Make use of hashtags

Including hashtags in your Instagram posts makes it simpler for buyers to locate your products when they search using hashtags. More people will see your posts and Stories, which can increase your sales.

Vary the Content You Share

Instagram is a great marketing tool for online retailers, but keep in mind that it is not a replacement for your physical store. Make sure you’re not only posting shoppable posts and Stories all the time. If your consumers create material that includes your products, you may want to consider sharing it (with their permission, of course). This goes a long way towards establishing your brand’s reputation and trustworthiness by allowing customers to view it through the eyes of others.

To Sum Up

Instagram presents a huge market for online retailers to sell their wares. The user base is engaged, and they anticipate being able to make purchases directly from the app (either in-app or via a connection to an external website).

If a customer is interested in buying your goods after seeing it on Instagram, don’t make them wait any longer than necessary to do so.

Train Your Social Media Advertisers

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