Why We Anticipated Instagram’s Business Direct Message Shopping Tools [New Data]

These days, more social media apps are designed to keep you linked with a never-ending supply of things you can buy without ever leaving the app, for better or for worse.

Instagram’s Direct Message (DM) Shopping Interface

The new Direct Message options on Instagram are quite close to the payment-based texting services of WhatsApp. Customers may now shop and browse for items with the assistance of brand representatives on messenger instead of visiting a company’s online retail site or Facebook/Instagram Shop.

Companies that enable the functionality, according to Meta’s press release, can:

  • Real-time chatting with consumers to answer their inquiries and verify their orders.
  • Make a purchase order detailing the costs of each item.
  • Make a payment demand and be paid.

See an example of this messaging function down below:

How This Could Benefit Corporations

Just what is the big deal here? Using the app’s purchasing facilities and direct messages (DMs) for customer support are the greatest ROI techniques on Instagram, according to our Instagram Marketing Trends Report.

While these features may be useful for businesses, do Instagram users really make purchases and use direct messages to get answers to questions?

Another recent poll we conducted on consumer trends showed some unexpected findings:

  • Twenty-eight percent of social media users between the ages of 18 and 34 had made an in-app purchase within the last three months.
  • Twenty-four percent of all millennials (those between the ages of 18 and 24) who have utilised social media direct messages (DMs) for customer support have
  • Thirty-three percent of 18- to 24-year-olds who use social media have made a purchase based on the suggestion of an influencer in the last three months.
  • Generation Z finds new brands and goods mostly through social media. In the last three months, 57% of millennials and Gen Zers found a new product thanks to social media.
  • Millennials also prefer to learn about new items through social media. In the last three months, half of all Millennials have found a new product because of social media.

Although this information is not exclusive to Instagram, the app is presently leading the charge towards e-commerce on all social media channels. Instagram may be a step ahead of the competition in the retail space, despite recent announcements from YouTube and Shopify about partnerships.

That’s why, for now, Instagram is the most effective social media network for e-commerce. Based on the results of our survey of 580+ Instagram marketers, we even produced a guide to the top social media shopping tools on Instagram.

When Will Social Shopping Take Off?

While the concept of social shopping has been around for a while, its implementation and adoption by consumers and businesses is happening in real time. We predict that other social media platforms, including Instagram, will soon follow suit and fully integrate the buying experience.

It’s too soon to say how marketers and customers will use these shopping tools. Our findings suggest that social shopping has considerable potential, but consumers may begin to shy away from social media sites if they become focused only on product promotion rather than on facilitating communication with friends and family.

Social media is the best approach to target Generation Z and Millennials since they spend four hours a day on it, and it’s how they learn about new items.

We will continue to survey social media marketers to determine whether leveraging these social shopping tools remains a top strategy and conduct our consumer trends study biannually to monitor the rate at which social media users adopt these innovations.