12 Effective Ways To Increase Engagement On Instagram

A new report by Sprout Social claims that videos get the most likes and comments on Instagram. The data showed that Instagram videos have 49% more interaction than regular photos.We’ve compiled a collection of Instagram video concepts to help you maximise the potential of video and increase interaction with your profile. Please take note that this post focuses on how to include video into your Instagram feed. Check out our Instagram Stories guide if you’re curious about this exciting new feature.

Guide to Instagram Videos

We’ll get to the Instagram video concepts we promised. But before you get started making Instagram videos, we thought it would be helpful to highlight a few things to keep in mind. Sally Sargood, our Chief Video Officer, provides these recommendations.

Make content that stands

Sharing videos on social media to promote or tease content on your website is a great way to get people to visit your site and check it out. However, you can’t include a link in a post on Instagram. You may certainly include a link in your bio, but Instagram users are more likely to read posts directly in the feed and then move on.

Include eye-catching visuals

Instagram is primarily a photo-sharing app. Aesthetics matter, so make sure your video features eye-catching visuals. We’re here to fill in the gaps if you’re short on eye-popping visuals.

Our Professional plan includes access to over a million Getty Images pictures and videos in its Select stock library, while our Professional Plus plan provides access to over a hundred million such assets in its Premium stock library.

Our post on software and applications for creating stunning video effects is well worth your time.

Think about the colours

Your Instagram feed and content will stand out more if you use a consistent colour scheme. Because your Instagram feed represents your company or brand, you should pick a colour scheme that coordinates well with your logo.

You may effortlessly get your films in brand with the help of Saved Brands. Your company’s colours, typeface, and logo may be automatically applied to your whole film using Saved Brands. Our Professional plan allows for one Saved Brand, while our Professional Plus plan allows for an unlimited number of Saved Brands to be created.

Inspiring Instagram Videos

Now that you know how to make Instagram videos, you can include it into your Instagram strategy. We hope these ten suggestions will get your creative juices flowing. I said, “Shall we?”

First In a Series Of Weekly Hashtag Videos

Creating a series in which you upload the same kind of video on the same day of the week is a simple approach to fill up a calendar of video material and ensure regular uploads. Share a quotation or tip pertaining to your business, industry, specialty, or area of expertise on the same day of the week using a hashtag such as #MondayMotivation, #TipTuesday, or #WellnessWednesday.

Quote It

You may use one of our quote themes together with a quotation you find motivating to create a quick and easy Instagram video concept. Tired of the same old quotes? Check out our collection of quotable sayings, and then use one of the quote exemplars we’ve provided.

  • Quote to Motivate and Inspire Action
  • Fun Editorial Quotes for Social Media
  • Remarkable Quotation

Celebrate joyful social occasions

Consider public celebrations as a starting point. National Puppy Day is on March 23, while other pleasant social holidays like International Day of Friendship and National Coffee Day are celebrated in other months.

Schedule a fun and original Instagram post around one of these social holidays when it makes sense for the kind of material you often share. To celebrate a social holiday in style, start with our Digital Album template and make it your own.

Observe seasonal holidays

Holidays and seasons can also serve as a springboard for creative thinking. Make a film to show your appreciation for your consumers on Thanksgiving, your appreciation for your audience on Christmas, or your love for your audience on Valentine’s Day.

Main attraction

Instagram is a popular destination for foodies, so if it fits with your profile’s aesthetic, you may consider making a cooking video to share with your followers. Including relevant hashtags for the featured cuisine will help you reach the widest possible audience.

Feature trip

Likewise, Instagram has become a popular platform for sharing travel photos. If your company’s image is one of exploration, travel, or adventure, film footage of the world’s most breathtaking locations. You’ll have enough of material for your Instagram feed, which is sure to thrill your audience.

If you want to inspire other people to go on adventures, use our Inspirational Travel Promo template to do it.

Make a short list of suggestions that you may give to your audience. Keep your list of suggestions self-contained so that Instagram users can benefit from it without leaving the app.

Almost every company may make use of our generic List of Tips template.

Advert on Instagram

The strategies we’ve discussed so far are effective means of boosting feed engagement. You can reach a considerably larger audience, though, if you put some money behind your Instagram postings. Click n Curl, an online retailer, found that posting videos on Instagram led to a 48% increase in the company’s online sales.

If you want to reach people at different points in their decision-making process, you may use our Ad Funnel: Awareness, Ad Funnel: Consideration, and Ad Funnel: Conversion templates.

Post a video that teaches something

Show your audience how to master a skill you’ve mastered. We’ll use the tips video as an example to stress that this kind of Instagram video has to be self-contained so that users can learn all they need without leaving the feed.

To get people to stop scrolling and pay attention, use our Step-based lesson design.