The Skyscraper Method: How To Get High Quality Backlinks?

It’s frustrating to have low search engine rankings, but if people aren’t going to stumble upon your content naturally, you have to work harder to promote it in other ways. Take the example of social media. Sharing your content is an important component of social media marketing, but don’t spam your followers with links to the same article over and over.

It’s something we’ve all witnessed. To the point where it’s impossible to find anything else to read on their feed, one of our favourite companies or channels is heavily promoting a new post. It loses its freshness quickly. Because of this, we, the target audience, punish the brand for excessive promotion by either not engaging with the promoted content or by no longer following the brand.
There is a lot of work involved in the beginning stages of increasing organic search traffic (especially if your budget is small), but the results will last. You can expect to see effects from your SEO efforts a full year after they have been implemented.

The skyscraper strategy is intended to help you out; it’s meant to boost the number of natural clicks on your site by constructing a network of high-quality backlinks to your content.

To What Extent Does the Skyscraper Method Work?

In 2015, Brian Dean of Backlinko created the skyscraper technique. The skyscraper method entails the following three actions:

  • Locating relevant material for links
  • Making something more useful
  • Having others read your work
  • The skyscraper technique, in its simplest form, is a way of improving upon already-excellent content. Dean compares them to towers.

By employing the skyscraper method, you can create a more massive “building” (or expand upon an existing concept). The method is pretty similar to that used while making 10x content. However, the skyscraper approach is highly efficient in generating links and natural search engine traffic.

What’s the Deal with Backlinks and the Skyscraper Approach?

Backlinks are links that come from other websites and lead back to yours. It stands to reason that the more helpful, educational, and interesting your material is, the more links to it you may expect to receive. But why exactly do they hold such weight?

Do a little experiment with me. Just type anything comes to mind into Google and take note of the first two results.
CoSchedule’s headline analyser tool appears first, but why? There are a plethora of headline evaluators available. I don’t see why this one would be ranked first by Google.
Create these inbound connections from high-quality resources by employing the skyscraper strategy. You’ll see an increase in natural traffic and search engine rankings as a result. Though you continue to produce content, you are now also putting it to productive use.

The Skyscraper Approach to Creating Strong Backlinks

Now that you know why the skyscraper method works, you can start using it.

The following procedures will aid in the creation of high-quality backlinks that will positively affect your website and enterprise.

See What’s Trending

It goes without saying that there must be interest in the information you provide for it to be worthwhile. It doesn’t matter how well written your material is if no one is interested in reading it.

Examine Who You’re Up Against

Search Google for information on the area you want to expand into. Which one of these ranks highest?

Say you’re thinking of penning an article on how to make successful Facebook advertising. The outcomes of a Google search are as follows:
Explore the first two options. (excluding the ad). Google’s top picks for search results are the ones you’ll have to outrank.

If the findings are on par with the tallest skyscraper in the world, you know exactly how much higher you have to build your own piece to compete in terms of quality and research for your target audience.

Ponder the question, “Can I Make Something Better?”

When you know who you’re competing against and what they’re offering, you might ask, “Can I create anything better?” If you’re confident in your abilities, then it’s time to get to work.

What, though, is the secret to writing something more compelling? What about these?

Create Long-Form Articles There are numerous uses for long-form articles.

The first obvious technique to stand out is to write a longer essay than the rest of the pack.

Aim for a Smattering of Keywords

One great strategy to improve your website’s organic rankings is to create content that performs well for a specific keyword. But what if the same piece was prominent for several different search terms?

To zero in on a manageable set of keywords to optimise for, use a keyword research tool like Ubersuggest or KWFinder.
Come Up with a Catchy Headline

A title serves as the article’s first impression on the reader. If you can’t get their attention, you might as well say goodbye to them. If your title doesn’t grab people’s attention, all your hard work on the body text will be for naught.

Promote Your Articles to Key Opinion Leaders

Do you recall the key opinion leaders I mentioned earlier? To get a backlink, you should now ask them to share your material.

Reaching out to well-known blogs in your field in the hopes of securing a backlink is a good tactic.

Analyze Your Link Strength

Once your content begins attracting backlinks, your work is far from done. (Don’t forget: that’s the point of the skyscraper method.) If you want to get the most out of your implementation of the skyscraper strategy, you need to know where your backlinks are originating from.