4 Clever Strategies To Enhance Backlinks For Your Website

You can boost your website’s search engine optimisation (SEO) performance in one of three ways: by producing higher-quality content, by making changes to the website’s text components (on-page SEO), or by acquiring more inbound links. (off-page SEO). In this piece, I’ll demonstrate the latter.

As the creator of two comprehensive digital marketing firms, I have assisted innumerable clients in improving their websites’ off-page SEO to the point where they appear on the first pages of SERP. To aid in your search engine optimisation efforts, I have compiled a short guide on how to acquire high-quality hyperlinks in just one week, without risking a Google penalty or using underhanded strategies.

1. Restore missing connections

Offering to fix broken links on domains in your niche is a quick method to get high-quality backlinks. To use this approach, you must contact webmasters and inform them of broken or outdated connections on their site.
Find a website with a lot of reputation in your niche and ask to link to a resource page there. Then, install the “Check my Links” extension for Chrome to quickly identify broken links and flag them for manual attention. It’s time to swoop in and notify the webmaster if any of your websites can serve as acceptable alternatives to the broken links.

Track down the webmaster’s email address and give them a polite message explaining the predicament. Make sure they see the precise broken links you’ve found. Then, provide the webmaster with a number of viable replacement links to use in lieu of the broken ones. Make sure at least some of the tools you recommend are your own work.

Remember that by reporting the faulty link, you are actually helping the website’s administrator. If you link to the webmaster’s material, the webmaster may feel obligated to link back to you. The trick is to offer assistance without appearing needy or selfish.

2. Produce a guest article

Writing for other people’s blogs can be a great way to get connections from authoritative websites in your niche. If you want to guest post on authoritative sites in your field, reach out to their administrators or editors. Introduce yourself and suggest that you write a guest blog post in return for a dofollow link to be published on their site.

When publishing guest articles, you should exercise caution to avoid engaging in any black-hat SEO practises. One of the simplest methods to get Google penalties, which have a negative effect on your website’s ranking, is to post low-quality blog articles on content mills or private blog networks (PBNs).

Before submitting a guest post proposal, ensure that the piece has been thoroughly investigated, is professionally written, and appears on a trusted website that has not been flagged for spam or malware. This will ensure that you receive the advantages of the backlinks they create without incurring any penalties.

3. Take full advantage of the power of social media (and Reddit)

Your website should already be linked from your social media accounts. Reddit, on the other hand, is one of the social media’s unsung stars for building backlinks. Reddit is one of the most popular and reliable online communities for sharing and discovering content, boasting an Alexa score of 19 as of this writing. Plus, it’s a fertile ground for specialised subcultures that share a passion for something.

There’s bound to be a sizable subreddit talking about the specific topic your website or company operates in. You can promote your website or participate in niche discussion forums on Reddit (known as subreddits) with a free account.

Unfortunately, Reddit is highly moderated, and many subreddits prohibit promotional posts. To become recognised as an expert in your field, you should contribute useful information to relevant subreddits. Avoid using your blog solely for self-promotion, and aim instead to provide useful information to your followers. This will prevent the subreddit moderators from removing your messages and drive traffic to your site.

4. Share your thoughts for nothing

Writing product reviews is a simple method to gain valuable inbound links. Get in touch with the CEOs or public relations officers at the companies whose wares you appreciate using. If you’re in the digital marketing niche, for instance, you could contact the founders of Ahrefs, SEMrush, Raven Tools, MailChimp, BuzzSumo, Hootsuite, and Buffer and offer to write testimonials in return for backlinks.

Final Thoughts

If you want to boost the number of backlinks to your website quickly, I’ve outlined five strategies above. Follow these steps to acquire connections that will boost the SEO performance of your websites by directing PageRank to them. However, keep in mind that content is still king; if your content doesn’t offer value and unique insights, high-authority domains aren’t likely to connect to it.