The Definitive Guide To Social Media Community-Building

While there has been a lot of debate about content, content marketing, and content distribution, the idea of creating a social media following that is actively involved in conversations has received less attention.

Something is wrong if you are constantly publishing new material yet receiving no feedback. Plenty of business owners are in this position, and they all make the same error of waiting for one of their postings to become viral before doing anything.

The best strategy is to take the initiative and begin fostering connections with others in your target audience on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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Someone asked the eclincher team a query a few months ago. They had more than 3 million Twitter followers but hardly no interaction with them. Just about 0.00000001% of their fans were actively involved. They wanted to know what they could do to increase our engagement, leads, and revenue.

First, you should collaborate with key opinion leaders.

One definition of an influencer is a member of a sizable online community who advocates for a certain cause or issue. Often, brands would employ influencers by paying them to spread the word about their wares. Not this, though; that’s not the point.

She was a fantastic Australian fitness micro-influencer. After following a random link to her profile, we ended up having some great talks and learning a lot from her about how to become Instagram Influencers ourselves.

The Second Step: Forming and Joining Groups

Social groups may be quite efficient, as we showed in our article on accountants’ use of social media. Create a social media group if you don’t already belong to one. Facebook and LinkedIn groups are both excellent for fostering community engagement (depending if you are B2C or B2B, either one may work better for you).

We have approximately 550 members and counting in our booming Facebook group called the Inspire Community.

Several businesspeople and marketers use Facebook groups as a foundation for their operations. The fantastic site NicheHacks, for instance, started a Facebook group from scratch a few years ago and today has over 40,000 members. The BAMF organisation, founded and led by Josh Fechter, consists of nearly 17,000 entrepreneurs and marketers.

This is an extensive guide by Neil Patel on how to start and grow a Facebook group.

The greatest value of communities lies in the benefits they provide to its members. Having a community manager and moderators who are willing to share their expertise in the form of best practises, how-to guides, and case studies may greatly enhance the quality of the discussion.

Three, provide your opinion.

I won’t sugarcoat it: I devour virtually everything Gary Vaynerchuk produces. And his video describing an Instagram marketing campaign for $1.80 was spot on.

The goal is to comment on the most-liked nine Instagram photos using the ten most-used hashtags. That’s an odd way of looking at it, yet it adds up to $1.80 worth of your mental energy.

Those who post helpful comments, words of praise, and positive energy are more likely to be noticed by others who share their interests. By consistently providing valuable content, you may attract a large monthly audience and create a strong online community.

Spend at least two to three hours every day reaching out and commenting on posts if you want to establish a significant community of engaged followers on social media.

This is how Gary Vaynerchuk landed his first contract with a major company to increase their Twitter followers for $80 a year. This is the hard work and dedication that he constantly extols, the foundation upon which so many successful enterprises rest.


The importance of online communities cannot be overstated, and it is very simple to form an emotional connection through social media.

  • Make contact with other micro-influencers in your field so that you may collaborate on posts, articles, and other forms of content creation.
  • Make use of social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn by starting and joining groups there.
  • Take part in the conversation by like and commenting on popular Instagram posts.
  • Hooray =)