Best Practices For Instagram Highlights

The Instagram Highlights feature allows you to compile and categorise your stories. Any number of Highlights may be created, and as many tales as desired can be included in each. Using this function, you may show off your company’s unique character while also keeping your fans informed.

And this is only the beginning; keep reading to learn more reasons why incorporating Highlights into your marketing and/or social media plan is a smart move.

Unlike Stories, Highlights are accessible forever

There’s a good reason this is first on our list of justifications for your use of the feature. Everyone is aware that Instagram Stories are short-lived; Hell, even Facebook Stories are deleted after 24 hours. And there’s nothing flawed about it; we adore them.

But isn’t it frustrating when your narrative just lasts for a day and then it’s gone forever? You appreciate the few people who had a glimpse at them and maybe even interacted with them. However, as a business, you should want to expose your material to as many people as possible.

Perfect for organising your stuff in a logical fashion

This second advantage is a guilty pleasure for all you perfectionists out there and is related to the first in a natural way.

Highlights allows you to create folders with catchy titles and cover graphics to neatly and systematically store all your articles. This manner, you can keep your attention on your brand’s strategy without ever losing track of the story or highlight at hand.

In terms of organisation, this is crucial for your audience since it makes your content much more approachable. Nobody wants to wade through a sea of all you have to offer. Nobody who’s curious about your sock collection is going to be curious about the greatest lawnmowers.

Using Highlights, you can make it incredibly simple for your visitors to get to a certain section of your Stories collection that piques their interest.

Excellent for logos

Highlights are one of the first things people who visit your Instagram profile will notice because they appear just beneath your bio. I don’t sure what more to tell you, but it seems like the ideal venue for showcasing your brand’s unique character.

Highlights are ideal for advertising your business since they provide a prominent platform for showcasing your company’s emblem, values, and products. You can even use the tools to construct your own unique Instagram Highlight covers without having to hire expensive designers.

In other words, they are a boon to business.
You may use Instagram Stories to drive more people to your website by diverting their focus from your profile there.

Due to Instagram’s recent rollout of the Link Sticker, all users may now embed clickable links in their stories and drive more traffic to their own websites.

You may boost the amount of people who visit your main website by including a link to it in your Stories and Highlights.

Event Recaps on Instagram

As opposed to Stories, Highlights will keep your event notices until you delete them. Let’s imagine you’re in charge of organising a public speaking engagement, podcast, or other form of audience gathering.

Using a Story or a picture to advertise it is perfectly acceptable. The likelihood, though, that everyone in your social circle will see and mark their calendars accordingly is low. The amount of people who view your event announcement and respond to it will greatly increase if you use Highlights to pin it to the top of your profile.

Real estate agents’ favourite posts from Instagram

The real estate industry is yet another excellent Instagram Highlights example for enhancing your company’s online presence and marketing plan. Featuring the ideal home in your profile is a certain approach to attract interested buyers.

They may look through your archive whenever they choose without fearing that the information will be lost forever. They can more easily keep up with the market, and you can save time by not having to repeat yourself to various customers.

Instagram’s best features for promoting commercials

This is the crux of the matter. You may increase your brand’s credibility, internet visibility, and trustworthiness with the help of social media. And you accomplish this by maximising your social media marketing efforts.

Increasing the visibility of your fantastic deals, discounts, new releases, etc. can help that campaign succeed even more.

One of the best instances of Instagram Highlights is Mac Cosmetics.

Instagram’s best non-profit and charitable content

Instagram posts outside of the corporate world are another excellent example. If you operate a nonprofit or charity and are trying to collect money and exposure for your cause, a Highlights album will do so much more quickly than a single post or a 24-hour Story.

You can see how they’ve incorporated things like podcasts, clothing, news, and even actual survivors in the illustrative example below. Additionally, the cover artwork is incredibly user-friendly.