7 Instagram Contest Ideas To Boost Engagement

Looking to create an impression on the most visually dominant social network? Here are eight Instagram-based competitions to consider hosting.

Instagram has developed significantly since its launch in 2010. The number of monthly active users on the picture and video sharing network hit 1 billion in June 2018.

It’s a social network geared towards teenagers. Its most devoted followers are teenagers and millennials. More over half of Instagram’s users, according to studies, are young adults.
Instagram contests are a smart strategy for expanding one’s audience and stimulating participation.

After learning that Instagram has a lot of active users, the next question is how to get the attention of those users.

Growing your Instagram following is the first step to improving your engagement. It’s a measure of how well your profile stands out to and makes an impact on new viewers. One strategy to boost your followers is to host a contest on Instagram. Accounts that run competitions gain new followers 70 percent more quickly than those that don’t. Instagram competitions are a great way to increase interaction with your audience. Instagram contests result in 64 times as many comments and 3.5 times as many likes as ordinary posts. In addition, 91% of all posts with over a thousand comments on Instagram are contests.

Affiliate Marketer Instagram Contest Concepts

Here at Cloudways, we think Instagram contests are great fun. Eight of the most effective Instagram contest concepts were compiled by our staff for use by affiliate marketers.

Now, at last, we may begin.

A Tag-to-Win Instagram Contest

You may increase your profile’s organic reach and visibility by participating in the tag to win contest. The process is simple. To enter the contest and be considered for the goodies you have in store, all you want participants to do is tag their friends in the comments.

After being tagged, friends will get alerts. The folks you’ve tagged may then visit your profile and decide to follow you. If they find it interesting, they may share it with their contacts.

Instagram Prize Idea: “Like to Win”

Likes on Instagram posts are becoming a valuable commodity on social media. A ‘like to win’ contest is a fantastic way to boost the magic number. The operation is straightforward. Simply publish your work (illustrations encouraged) and solicit support from your audience in exchange for a chance to win awesome prizes.

Include hashtags that are often used in your business to increase exposure. In turn, this boosts the amount of people that follow you. Keep in mind that a single like-to-win contest won’t accomplish the trick. To see results, this needs to become part of your routine.

The Selfie Contest

Selfies are extremely popular on the social media platform Instagram. That would be fantastic if it could be turned into a contest. People can enter a selfie contest by posting photos of themselves using the goods or showing the product in some way in the background. It’s a great tool for generating interest in your company.

Make sure to provide a unique hashtag in the description of your selfie contest and then encourage participants to use it when entering their entries. At the end of the competition, choose the finest selfie and reveal the victor.

Scavenger Hunt Contests

Instagram contests in general are fun, but a scavenger hunt contest will really get people involved with one other and the platform. Participants in a scavenger hunt must gather a certain number of items in order to claim the reward. Participants can be invited to a real location to carry out activities, or they can be tasked with doing the activities in their own time and then posting photos to their Instagram profile or Story.

Instagram Story Contests

This is why I enjoy making Instagram stories. You may use these to add some zest to your profile. You can now create a fun Instagram stories competition by using the brand new ‘question stickers’ function.

Post your question sticker and the regulations for the competition. After that, everyone will send in their entries. At the end of the allotted time, reveal the right responses and announce the winners.

You may get more people interested in your Instagram stories contest if you start publicising it a week in advance.

Instagram Photo Contest

In many ways, a photo contest is just like a selfie contest. Participants in the photo contest will take pictures of anything other than themselves, such as landmarks. The picture contest might have its own special hashtag that you come up with. When the contest is ended, you may use it to locate the winning image.

In this form of competition, a reward is not required. You should just make a passing reference to the fact that you want to publish the winning entry on your profile. The result is more user-generated material for subsequent usage.

Instagram Competition: a Voting Round

As the name indicates, contestants in a voting round try to sway voters to favour their submissions. The most popular posts are those that receive the most votes. You can solicit poems, photographs, and responses to questions in order to promote your product or service.

Participants usually spread word about their own submissions via various social media. However, there are situations when such a request may be excessive. Only if you have a really involved audience should you leave the advertising to the participants. You may just ask for the submissions and then make a post asking your followers to vote if your profile does not have many active players.