6 B2B Instagram Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Brand

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Instagram is an excellent platform for B2B marketers that provides a huge space for making new connections worldwide. With 2 billion users, Instagram remains a gold mine to connect with your potential audience and boost your brand awareness with audience reach. More than 200 million business profiles, it is essential to consider marketing on Instagram as a huge opportunity to build your business and generate more leads. 

But a few B2B marketers are still struggling to stand on Instagram. This article will help optimize your B2B business and boost brand awareness and sales. 

#1: Focus On The Target Customers

Before developing a marketing strategy for your business on Instagram, you need to know your target audience whom you want to attract to your website. Finding your target audience is essential to increase your account reach and drive traffic. 

Understand the demographic of your target audience and create engaging content to reach them. Speak to your audience personally, not just in a business manner to showcase something different to get audience interest and not just what you are selling. 

#2: Tell Stories With Instagram TV

IGTV is a feature for sharing and viewing long-form videos. For B2B brands, Instagram TV is a perfect platform to boost user engagement. Share in-depth videos about your products or the tutorials to increase your video engagement. If you decide to promote your B2B business quickly, you could buy Instagram TV likes to get a higher interaction rate and make people show interest and follow brands having greater audience engagement. 

Getting IGTV likes for your video is a great idea to improve your video visibility and get your IGTV videos on the Instagram to explore page. Here you can receive tremendous engagement. Thus your video gets more discoverable when you increase your IGTV likes. 

#3. Experiment With Instagram Ads

Since Facebook owns Instagram, B2B marketers have huge opportunities for targeting options while running ads. You can use demographic and geographic information to connect with your target audience. Additionally, brands can upload a list of emails to target and launch Instagram retargeting ads. 

Once you desire your targeting, use Instagram stories, photos, videos, and carousel ads to check which ads resonate the best with your potential audience. As a B2B marketer, you need to promote your brand with a wider audience to enhance your business reach and awareness. 

#4. Use Analytics To Measure Performance

Check your analytics to find whether your Instagram marketing strategy is performing well on the platform. To track your account’s performance, there are many Instagram analytics tools available online. Use either the tools or get the inbuilt analytics feature on Instagram to measure your video engagement and growth. This can be done by moving on to the setting option on your profile to check analytics instantly. 

Additionally, B2B marketers should do website analytics to find how visitors are referred to your target website through Instagram to engage with the content. You must also check how they are converting into leads and customers. 

#5. Analyze Competitor Strategy

Using analytics tools, B2B marketers can analyze their Instagram competitor strategy. To grow your Instagram business, you must carefully watch how others in your same industry work on to improve their business reach and generate traffic and sales. 

After finding the right strategy, come up with your idea to stand out from the crowd. As a business, you need to add relevant hashtags to increase your post visibility and discoverability on the platform. Also, use keyword-related hashtags to improve your business SEO and attract a new audience to your IG profile. 

#6. Understand The Power Of Instagram

Many top B2B brands found success with the Instagram marketing strategy. So if you want to develop an effective strategy for your business, you need to understand your target audience first. Then you should post content according to your audience’s interest and measure your Instagram performance through some analytics tool.

Always remember that Instagram ads have the power to increase your brand awareness and reach a wider audience. Lastly, analyzing your competitor can also help you to find the golden opportunity to engage your potential audience in a new way. I hope these six effective B2B marketing tips will help you to build a successful marketing strategy for your business.